Who are we

            (the little one here is Lula, the General Manager)

My name is Enrico, I am a retired engineer. Upon retiring, my wife Valeria and I thoroughly refurbished a building in the centre of Palermo to create some delightful small apartments. In truth, much credit goes to her, who made a point of making each apartment unique and different from all the others. Our daughter Gabriela, a 34 years old painter with Down syndrome, has helped out too, as she painted all paintings in the apartments. That's the team!
We love meeting new people from all over the world and introducing them to the beauties of our own city. Most of all, our goal is to make people feeling truly at home.
This is the reason of the low prices we ask. When I started I did not mean to "set up a business" with these apartments: it was a dream, not a business. Our dream was to encourage people to explore Palermo and fall in love with Sicily, without having to spend a lot of money or sleep in cheap, ugly and remote places. Or, worse of all, fall into some "trap" - things looking great on paper but actually dreadful in reality. Palermo is stunning, but to enjoy it you must feel like home - possibly without spending much. 

Above is Valeria, my wife and the "interior designer" of the apartments.




On the right is our daughter Gabriela during her phase of "candlelight painting"

This is the building! It's sunny and very central. Refurbishing it was quite hard work but, I must say, it was definitely worth while. 


I should take new pics, for the plants on the balconies are way bigger now, and in full bloom.


For some inexplicable reasons, the palm trees at the entry did not thrive - now there are two huge jasmine bushes, which also smell delightfully (down there you can see them at day one - now are way bigger and more in health!) 


I did not change the marble staircase (though I've added the lift), for it was part of the original building, dating 1870, and I quite like it.

if you look close enough in the picture above, you will see Lula looking (a bit puzzled) at me taking a picture of the entry...










A special mention should go to Lizzy, Amie, Sarah and Jane, some of my first guests (left picture), who really spoiled Lula during their stay - I had then to put her on a diet for a month!